It is a frightening experience when your liberty is at issue.  Landwerlen & Rothkopf, L.L.P. are experienced in criminal matters and they can help with all different matters involving the criminal process, including matters such as: the initial arrest, the initial hearing, the setting of bond and bond review hearings, the discovery process, interviewing of witnesses and investigation of the facts involving your matter, determining whether a plea or a trial is in your best interest including whether filing a Motion To Suppress is a viable option, and sentencing matters.

The criminal cases can include: all different types of both felony and misdemeanor cases including offenses against the person and against property.  Examples of such cases are:  driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended /never having a license, theft, drug cases, battery including spousal battery and protective order defense, infraction/speeding tickets, juvenile matters, driving as a habitual traffic violators, drivers license issues, and probation violation issues.

We also are experienced in advising you as to whether or not you are entitled to a expungement (sealing of a criminal record) of your criminal conviction(s).